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Company Name : Amandeep Talnia
Amandeep Talnia is an early stage startup in the affiliate and digital marketing industry. We bring together digital entrepreneurs and affiliates around the world, provide end-to-end solutions to both affiliates and organisations to boost traffic, drive sales, and hack growth!


GrowPartner Beginner

Commission :- Rs.1000/- (Direct Sell) Course – Marketing Fundamentals 70% Commission On Each Referral 2-UP Commission Learning & Business 1 Week Premium Training Certificate One Page Profile Telegram Channel

Price: ₹1888 ₹10000

GrowPartner Advance Affiliate

Commission :- Rs. 3000/- (Direct Sell) Beginner Included COURSE – Content Strategy 70% Commission on refer Live Training Commission (30%) Live Training / Workshop 2 /Week Premium Training Certificate One Page Profile Canva Premium For 1 Year Telegram Group

Price: ₹4999 ₹55000

GrowPartner Professional

Commission:- Rs.6000/- BEGINNER + ADVANCE Included COURSES – Social Media Marketing 70% Commission on refer 10% Team Incentives 2 /Week PREMIUM TRAINING CERTIFICATE CANVA PREMIUM FOR 1 YEAR ONE PAGE PROFILE Telegram Group Commission Structure

Price: ₹9499 ₹120000



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