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Company Name : Surya Electrical
We means Surya electrical gives you a service of electrical items like switch, MCB ,bulb,led light,helogen,meter and many more you can contact us on this no 9425113652 for any details you can call us 10:00 a.m to 8:00p.m if you have any quire call us


9w Syska led Bulb

this is syska company bulbs in very cheap price

Price: ₹85 ₹105

15w Syska Led Bulb

It is a syska original bulb we also give 1 year warranty

Price: ₹140 ₹160

14 w Oriental Bulb

it is orignal led oriental bulb

Price: ₹130 ₹160

Syska Led Tubelight Of 18 w

it is orignal syska led tubelight

Price: ₹350 ₹500

Electrical Tape Roll Steelgrip

It is of steel grip company we also have box and in different colours

Price: ₹10 ₹12

Repairing Lights Of 100w 50w 200w

We repair it basis on the damage of the light we are giving random price

Price: ₹200 ₹250



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