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About Us

Multichem was founded in  year 1993 in Mumbai.  With three 
manufacturing plants in India, company has developed gradually wide 
range of products.

At present company manufactures 600 products, with 1. admixtures, 2. 
waterproofing chemicals, 3. concrete repair products, 4. floor 
hardeners, industrial flooring products, protective coatings, dry-mix 
mortars, tile adhesives & grouts, sealants, surface treatment 
chemicals, wall finishes, paints and decorative concrete systems.

Building of that success story, Multichem became Multichem Group, with 
multiple of companies catering to different products portfolio. 
Company took decision to manufacture construction chemicals, 
strategically to take advantage of infrastructure development of our 
country. With deep study in civil industries, we have taken right step 
to manufacture construction chemicals, used by civil industry for 
development of Infrastructure, roadways, highways, dam, canal, 
flyovers, buildings etc.

With strong emphasis on Research and Development, Multichem is 
continued expanding its operation to become a World-Wide leader in the 
technological field of advanced waterproofing, protective coatings, 
concrete repair systems, and other products used within the 
construction trades.

Multichem Group is continuing as the world leader in the development 
of green technology products, which are environmentally safer and have 
superior performance to other products based on older and 
environmentally detrimental technologies.


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