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Company Name : La Penser Life Sciences
La Penser life sciences established in June 2016 headquarter at pune in the State of maharashtra. Compny has been promote pharmaceutical products in india. La Penser Life Sciences is improving people’s quality of life by preventing and treating diseases. The company is Present in Dental, derma & general Speciality.


KGF Syrup

calcium- iron - Protein with multivitamin and Multiminerals

Price: ₹130 ₹160

Soloderm -NF

neomycin -clobetasol- Miconazole 15gm ointment

Price: ₹70 ₹90

Pencold Plus Syrup

anticold syrup

Price: ₹50 ₹70

La Cuff Syrup

cough syrup

Price: ₹60 ₹80



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