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Kachi Ghani Oils

We at kachi ghani are bound to provide you 100% pure unfiltered cooking oils. Considering today’s life style, it has become necessary to use pure and chemicals free oils in daily cooking. Edible oil is a very important and necessary in our everyday cooking. Everyone of us uses cooking oils at least 3 times a day. So this ingredient has to be pure and chemical free! All the refined and filtered oils available in market are not pure and mixed with harmful chemicals.

We have brought you all new concept of unrefined, unfiltered cooking oil based on india’s ancient Ayurveda. Our oils are cold pressed and best in quality! Kachi Ghani oils balances “Vaata” in our body and saves you from wide range of Vaata imbalance diseases. Replace your refined cooking oils with Kachi Ghani unrefined pure oils.

Explore our variety of healthy oils and order it now.

Our Skill

To bring you healthy and natural cooking oils, we digged the roots of Ayurveda. After studying the mechanism of human body we concluded our process to prepare Kachi Ghani oils.

As per the process suggested in Ayurveda, we have prepared our oils to provide you most pure and rejuvenating cooking oils which helps to balance “vata” “Pita” and “Kaph” in our body. Replace your cooking oils with Kachi Ghani pure oils.


Wooden Cold Pressed Safflower Oil

Benefits of Kachi Ghani Safflower Oil ✔Improves Blood Sugar Levels ✔Cures Heart Diseases ✔Rejuvenates Hair and Skin ✔Boosts Immune System ✔Fights Inflammation

Price: ₹265 ₹365

Wooden Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

Qualities of Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil ✔Helps to Boost Appetite ✔Promotes Heart Health ✔Treats Cracked Heels ✔Relieves Stiffness in Muscles ✔Stimulates Hair Growth

Price: ₹450 ₹465

Wooden Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Health Benefits of Kachi Ghani Coconut Oil ✔ Increases HDL Cholesterol ✔ Promotes Weight Loss ✔ Improves heart health ✔ Nourishes and Repairs Hair ✔ Treats Alzheimer’s disease ✔ Protects and Moisturizes Skin

Price: ₹565 ₹599

Wooden Cold Pressed Almond Oil

Awesome Benefits of Kachi Ghani Almond Oil ✔ Lowers Bad Cholesterol (LDL) ✔ Keeps Skin Moisturized ✔ Decreases Risk of Diabetes ✔ Treats Hair Fall ✔ Boosts Memory Power ✔ Strengthens Nervous System ✔ Best Baby Massage Oil ✔ Treats Inflammation

Price: ₹3200 ₹3599


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