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About BadaBusiness:-
•BadaBusiness is an initiative by Dr.Vivek Bindra(International motivation speaker,Leadership of Consultant and Business)

•BadaBusiness is a 1stop solution for all business problems.

•The aim is to make the Entrepreneurship and Management education available, accessible and affordable to everyone.

Why BadaBusiness:-
•We are lead by Dr.Vivek Bindra.
•We have 80+ Billionaire Businessman as a professors.

•World most affordable business management programme.

Who is Dr.Vivek Bindra:-
•Dr. Vivek Bindra is an internationally recognized Motivational Speaker, Leadership Consultant and Business Coach. Dr. ... He is the Founder & CEO ofBada Business Pvt.

•Dr Vivek Bindra is a Revolutionary Entrepreneur, anInternationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker and a Business Coach. A Trusted Advisor for more than 500+ Corporate Houses and Entrepreneurs, he is the Recipient of more than 100 Globally Admired Awards.



Independent Business Consultant

Opportunity To Earn 1 To 10 Lakhs Per Month Market Relevant & Most Affordable Entrepreneurship Product Basket (EAE, PSC & LTM) Periodic Webinar By Dr Vivek Bindra High Revenue Earning Product For Sales - Case Studies And White-Labelled Learning Management System For Educational Institutions And Businesses

Price: ₹93000 ₹100000


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