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We believe that the 'best advertisement is done by a satisfied user'. Using good quality products require right knowledge & education and someone who can provide you the right solution based on your needs. Mr. Ashu Sharma is an esteemed Forever business owner & a wellness entrepreneur. He carries 9 years of experience & knowledge and has helped thousands of people create better health & wellness. 

About Us

From plant to product to you, Forever Living is the largest grower and manufacturer of aloe vera and aloe vera based products in the world.
As the experts, we are The Aloe Vera Company. 
For more than 40 years, Forever Living has been changing lives and producing the highest quality health and wellness products to help people look better and feel better.

We have dedicated ourselves to seek out nature’s best sources for health and beauty and share them with the world. At Forever, we combine pure aloe vera with natural and scientifically advanced ingredients specially selected to complement and enhance the benefits of aloe.
It all begins at our aloe fields in Texas and the Dominican Republic with 7,500 Acres of our own plantations. We control how our plants are grown and harvested. This allows Forever to produce more than 8 million gallons of the highest quality inner leaf aloe vera every year. 

We are a vertically integrated company


Forever Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera helps you maintain natural energy levels and has natural cleansing abilities that helps the digestive tract absorb nutrients from the foods we eat into a blood stream, while promoting friendly bacteria growth and improve digestive system.

Price: ₹1622 ₹1728


MSM gel:- has been shown to add flexibility to connective tissues like tendons, ligaments and muscles by decreasing the pressure inside the cell and allowing fluids to pass through the tissues more easily

Price: ₹1509 ₹1612

Aloe Heat Lotion

Heat lotion:- this muscle soothing cream has heating agents as well as cooling excellent for deep massage to soothe tired muscle. Anti- inflammatory

Price: ₹930 ₹978

Forever Bee Honey

Our exceptional source of Honey is harvested in the unique, pollution free environment of the high mountains of Spain. contains:- Natural sugar, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, proteins carbohydrates and vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, biotin and folic acid, calcium, copper, iron, manganese, phosphorus, potassium.

Price: ₹1567 ₹1601

Forever Arctic Sea

Forever Arctic sea features our exclusive blend of fish oil and olive oil to provide a perfectly balanced omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA plus Oleic acid all of which are essential for proper regulatory functions including the development and health of the eyes, brain, and supports proper joint function, A safe and balanced supplement that can favourably support healthy blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Price: ₹2215 ₹2391

Argi+ Powder With L-arginine, Vitamin And Fruit Extracts

Argi+ provides your daily recommended dose of the "miracle molecule" also known as L-arginine,a key amino acid l-arginine place many important roles in the body from supporting circulation function to boosting nitric oxide production which help increase blood flow to major organs and combined with synergetic vitamins and fruit these well-rounded supplement support your entire body while adding a delicious berry flavour to your favourite beverage.

Price: ₹6478 ₹6993

Forever Garcinia Plus

The Garcinia Cambogia fruit contains hydroxycitric acid a compound which has been shown to temporarily inhabit the body's conversion to carbohydrate into fat instead of storing the fat the body will burn calories from the existing fat store helping you meet your weight goes studies suggest that garcinia cambogia also have to with appetite reduction on top of the popular Asian fruit we added chromium picolinate which if deficient can cause fatty and excess fat production contain Soy

Price: ₹2362 ₹2549

Forever Lite Ultra

forever lite ultra naturally flavoured, plant powered protein in both delicious Vanilla and chocolate flavours a simple shake for breakfast or dinner will provide you with 100% RDI of 18 vitamins and minerals. This easy low carb meal replacement contain 13 gram of protein per serving this tasty Shake will shake up your diet and lifestyle simply added one scope to your milk and shake shake drink contains soy

Price: ₹2279 ₹2460

Forever Aloe Berry Nectar

90.7% pure inner leaf aloe vera gel. Promotes healthy immune system. Cranberries support urinary health. Rich in vitamin C. Helps maintain natural energy. Support healthy digestion. Support nutrients absorption. No added preservatives.

Price: ₹1622 ₹1728



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