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At MMTTI “Anything is possible.” Be encouraged to think about how you will move forward every day towards earning your diploma/certificate. 

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ECCE, NTT, PPTTC, MTT, Jolly Phonics, Child psychology, Curriculum planning, Guidance Counselling, Caregiver, Special education, TEFL, EYFS, School management, Administration, Basic education and much more.

We are a trusted name since 1989 for Internationally accepted courses in the world over. Thousands of schools in all over the world have employed our students in countries like Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Colombo, Canada, California, Dubai, Doha, England, Fujairah, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Kenya, London, Lagos, Muscat, Manama, New York, New Jersey, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, Sharjah, Tokyo, UAE, U.K, USA.


Brain Gain Preschool @ Your Home

Teacher comes home to teach young children as they find it easier to connect with young tutors. They often see them as elder siblings or a role model. Therefore, trust is established easily. Also, the young tutors, who are also students themselves, know how to keep the children engaged with multiple activities such as colouring, singing, puzzles and toys.

Price: ₹6000 ₹9000

Montessori Advanced Diploma

Montessori Advanced Diploma Eligibility 10th standard You can teach till Sr.k.g after doing this course Duration 1 year Fee 39700 Course Content:- Theory of Montessori Principle of Montessori Child psychology Montessori Method & Materials Health & Nutrition Compare and contrast Montessori and kindergarten Child development Practical : Art Craft Activities Drawing Puppets & Dramatization Jolly Phonics and basic phonics Lesson Plan Curriculum planning Much more

Price: ₹39700 ₹59700

Ecce Advanced Diploma

ECCE Advanced Diploma When you complete this course, you can open your own school. Or work in any school. Fee 39700 Course Content:- Services for Children Nursery Training and Education in Perspective Theoretical Orientations in Nursery Education Organisations for Children Children with Special Needs I Introduction to Special Needs Services for Special Children Helping Parents Cope Children with Special Need 2 Children with Mental Retardation Children with Physical Disabilities Children with Behavioural Problems Children with Visual Impairment Children with Hearing Impairment Communicating with Parents and the Community Concept of Communication Methods of Communication Strategies in Communication Communication Aids Themes and Messages in ECCE Managing Children's Programmes: Perspectives Basics of Management Practical : Art Craft Activities Drawing Puppets & Dramatization Jolly Phonics and basic phonics Lesson Plan Curriculum planning Lectures Much more

Price: ₹39700 ₹59700



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