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Good morning all of you. My name is Vikash Prasad and I am a independent distributor of Vestige Marketing
We help  the people to become healthier through our healthier  products ( as-heath supplements,health food,color cosmetics, oral care,personal care,health essential, face care, home care, etc) 
And every product has different brand names(as- vestige prime, assure, mistral of milan,dent assure, Sharp,etc). All product have World class quality.Every product is unique.It is certified from GMP, ISO,HALAL,QSA,etc.
       People are interested to become a Vestige distributor and earn money so please contact me.
The distibutorship is absolutely free of cost.       


Sharp Air Purifier

1.What are the benifits of Sharp Air Purifier? Produce fresh and pure air as in a forest Kills germs from air & surface instead of absorbing: replicates nature Neutralize odour and toxins With Plasmacluster Ion Technology, ions are spread throughout the room, to purify the air - even the air underneath the sofa, behind the wardrobe and under the carpet Improves skin moisture, elasticity & texture The True HEPA Filters used in Sharp Air Purifier is of the highest quality standards and are best suited for use in Indian conditions where the concentration of the PM1 & PM2.5 is high (as per WHO Report

Price: ₹18500 ₹19500



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