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We are moni organic india we provides hight quality bio zymes granule in all over india


Bio Zymes Granules

Biozyme Granules are an innovation in Biotechnology Research. A unique formula produced by mixing animal and vegetable products in scientifically controlled conditions in granular form to give you the optimum output. What are Biozyme Granules? Biozyme is store house for numerous nutrients in available form. It is scientifically impregnated into user friendly soil-degradable granular formulation for better inoculation in the field. This process which is unique and mastered by Biostadt India Limited makes Biozyme Granules eco-friendly, hazardless and compatible with granular pesticides except which are of alkaline in nature. These granules when applied to soil release nutrients in plant rhizosphere thus stimulate growth of beneficial micro organisms and provide nutritional support to plant at critical stages of growth. The application of Biozyme Granules thus, becomes trouble-free and can be applied as basal dressing and top dressing in the standing crops. Target Crops:

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