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Company Name : Pupco - Delivering the components that support our world.

Lean squad

 A team of experienced consultants is serving organisations towards their growth in the market by providing one-stop solution for its operations including Team management, Process Management, inventory audit, documents audit, security audit, Designing Layouts, Training Corporate & Warehouse Workforce, Building Efficient Work Culture, Creating SOPs, Auditing Warehouses, Managing Operations, job rotation program , change management and many more.


Lean Squad

1. Team Management. 2. Process improvement. 3. Understanding Mission & Vision of Organisation 4. Understanding Problem Statement. 5. Training Need Analysis of workforce. 6.Designing Layout with Lean Practices. 7. Designing Course & Training Workforce. 8. Creating SOPs to keep operations intact. 9. Auditing Services. 10. Cost reduction. 11. Job rotation. 12. Verbal communication. 13. Documents management 14.Provides other services after knowing the results of Need Analysis.

Price: ₹45000 ₹50000



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