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१५३, जील्हा पेठ, पांडे चौक ते नेरी नाका रोड, जलगांव पीपल बैंक समोर, जलगांव ४२५००१.
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Company Name : vidyut point
Rajlaxmi Autoenergy systems is one of the leading Platform of sales and service in the solar, electric vehicle and automotive battery sector. We are having almost 25 years of excellence in the automobile and related industry.
We are offering a solution and products such as :
1. Automotive Battery
2. Inverter Battery and UPS
3. Solar energy solutions
4. Solar water heating solutions
5. Electric mobility solutions

Our presence in across Maharashtra 

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Ampere Magnus Pro Electric

Amper By Greaves Magnus Pro High Speed EV Top Speed - 50-55 KMph KM Range - 80-85KM in single charg

Price: ₹84250 ₹87500

Ampere REO Plus

Ampere By Graves Top Speed - 35KMph Range - 60KM Battery - 24ah 48v Lithium

Price: ₹64000 ₹67000

Ampere V48 Electric

Ampere By Greaves Top Speed - 30-35 KMph Range - 45-50KM Battery - 20ah lithium or lead acid

Price: ₹45000 ₹49000

Ampere Zeal Ex High Speed

Ampere By Greaves Top Speed- 45-50Kmph Range - 75-80KM Battery - 28 Ah 30v Lithium High Speed EV

Price: ₹79500 ₹81500



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